Cun Company is the sports association that manages the events.
In 2010 the world of Milanese university sports entertainment was still dry and unexplored terrain. Few offers for students, difficulty in access and prohibitive costs. At the end of his studies, some young Milanese decide to create a new "entertainment" system by exploiting one of the many visceral loves of the city of Milan: the one for football, which has always characterized the Lombard capital. It is decided to organize a first seven-eighteen-team soccer championship, but the great intuition is actually to offer the participating teams a video shooting service that can allow all the kids to admire their exploits on the various channels social and YouTube.


in fact, multimedia is one of the predominant features of Cun throughout its history. However, during the first year of implementation, the scarcity of funds, management difficulties and lack of time almost led to the abandonment of the project despite the great following. The turning point takes place one spring day in 2011. The final of the University Trophy between AC Picchia and ADO Soccer Club is a resounding success with the public. It is the turning point.


We must resist and persevere. With the help of some sponsors, the following year we start again with new energies. It begins a long journey that leads to a constant and clear improvement in the services offered, above all from the point of view of multimedia, a true flagship of the association. The objective over the years becomes to continue investing to create a stage that can guarantee an increasingly better show and the achievement of great results, which convinces the association to invest in an important expansion. In 2012, it was decided to open the doors to the corporate football world with the creation of the Serie I, a five-a-side football tournament reserved for companies, during which the use of the DJI Phantom Custom drone for the first time in Italy was tested Aerial shots. During the 2015 edition, for the first time the CUN referees were equipped with regular spray cans so that they could increasingly match the great professional football. Among the many innovations of Cun there is also the use of a GoPro camera fixed on the director of race so as to be able to view the most agitated actions of the match also from the point of view of the one who has to make the decisions.


The third major project in chronological order is the Expo Cup, the summer open exhibition championship which had its first edition in summer 2015, dedicated to the experimentation of new technologies and sports entertainment systems. During the 2015/2016 championship, the experimentation of the slow motion in the field and of the refereeing triad, has a great following and can guarantee to all the players of the various competitions to try something truly unique and dreamed by many. The High Schools League, from the 2016/2017 season will make real what most Italian students have been dreaming of for some time: the high school league. For the first time in fact the boys of all the Milanese institutes and high schools will compete in a healthy and compelling competition. 2017/2018 season of big news regarding Cun and the whole amateur football scene. After the great success achieved in the previous season, crowned by the finals in the historic football scale facility, the San Siro stadium - Giuseppe Meazza: University Championship is divided into first and second division, Cun opens abroad, exporting its format to the cities of Berlin and Barcelona. The 2018/2019 season is certainly the one that leads Cun to diversify its activities.


Many beneficial projects are born in collaboration with non-profit organizations and foundations. The "Benedetta d'Intino Cup" of the University Championship is dedicated to the Benedetta d'Intino Onlus Center (Mano in Mano project); with Bambinisenzasbarre Onlus through the rules of the game Cun undertakes to offer to ex-offenders in "external criminal execution", after carrying out theoretical courses the possibility of arbitrating some matches of the various tournaments, thus giving the former prisoners - father, the opportunity to pass to be judged by judges.


The Albero della Vita Foundation becomes a partner of Cun and of the companies participating in the I Series. Cun sees reaching its maximum goal in terms of accessions, 145 clubs enrolled in various tournaments and the advent of Football Clan (12h event on Milan and Rome in collaboration with Ugly Football Players), lead the leaders to make an epochal decision for the company: the first open winter tournament in the 2019/2020 season opens, Football Clan provides 18 football teams with 7 and 18 football teams at 5. Hellodì, Konami , Red Bull are some of the event partners.New and rich news for the new season: Fantacun (the official fantasy of the competition), Pes tournaments with Cun teams made in virtual games and much more ...


A step back in April 2019, when Cun Company lands in the world of private events. The World Cup of Work, the unsurpassed Cup, the Helvetia Football Tournament are just some of the events managed, organized and / or implemented by Cun.
It does not end here, the great competence of the staff, lead Polisportiva Lombardia Uno to grant partial management of its (4) sports centers on Milan, thus extending Cun's offer that brings to its bedside the organization of friendly matches and individual matches from the Cun format.


In 2019, Cun internationalizes. On December 7th and 8th, in Milan, the fourth edition of the EFBLU European Tour, organized by
EFBLU (European Football Business Leagues United), an organization founded in 2016 with the aim of promoting interaction
among companies across Europe through competitions and 5-a-side football tournaments. And that's not all: the best teams in the 2020 Series will be entitled to qualify for the European Pro Tour that will take place in late 2020 in Belgrade,
with the registration fee fully covered by Cun Company

The game to grow is endless, let's play it together!